What Does a Law Firm Look Like?

A first visit to a legal office after you have decided to file a personal-injury lawsuit can be intimidating. But, clients should expect the same things from law firms regardless of their size. These elements include the layout of offices, structure of staff and similar procedures. It is important to remember that an injury attorney and his/her staff will always work to make the client feel comfortable and offer the best advice.

Layouts of the Firm

Layouts for law firms can be different, but there are certain elements. A small law office will have a reception room where clients can rest until their time. A lobby may be available for larger firms that might have a receptionist to direct clients to the correct office. An injury lawyer will usually have access both to private offices and conference rooms. Stiles can vary among firms but most people prefer the more formal, traditional look.

General staff Structure

It is not uncommon to find standard staff for law offices. Most law offices employ a receptionist who will greet clients and provide comfort. Paralegals, legal secretaries, and paralegals assist the injury lawyer in researching and preparing documents. The only authorized person to provide legal advice and appear as counsel, sign papers, and determine legal fee amounts is the lawyer. Partner is part owner of the law firm; associate is an employed.


A consultant or expert may be called in by a law firm to assist with a personal accident lawsuit. Consultants help the attorneys fill in gaps in expertise and assist when there is too much work. Law firm Consultants provide assistance to attorneys by providing background information, preparing written statements, clarifying evidence and giving expert testimony in court. A consultant is a lawyer who has expertise in handling specific cases.

Size Of Law Firm

The size of the law office can have an impact on the services clients receive. Larger firms usually have more support staff like paralegals. An associate or partner will be able to handle the case depending on how extensive the personal injury case is. Although smaller firms tend to have fewer support staff than larger ones, paralegals and legal secretaries will often be available to assist with case preparation. Clients can expect personal attention from everyone in the law firm regardless of size.

At Your Arrival

A first visit to the law firm is often scary. Clients will be directed to the right office or asked to wait in a reception. The injury lawyer can meet clients in either a private room or a conference area. After reviewing the facts, the lawyer may decide to proceed or decline to act.

A visit to an injury attorney is something that many clients fear. The law office will try its best to make each client feel at ease and to treat them with respect. Everyone at a law firm, from the receptionist up to the most senior partner, wants clients know that they care about them and will make it an individual mission to help.

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