How Can a Crypto Conduct Authority Prevent Future ICO Scams?

Crypto projects are currently unregulated and unsupervised. There are so many ICO scams happening that it’s hard to trust any project. The solution to this is having a crypto conduct authority that can regulate the token sale process of legitimate projects and help protect the investors. A crypto conduct authority can also help prevent future ICO scams by putting restraints on how companies or individuals raise funds through ICOs. The main reason why these ICO scams are happening is because of a lack of regulation. Therefore, one needs to make sure that they protect themselves by regulating themselves before attracting investors.

The crypto conduct authority could monitor the market for potential scams, and launch a warning if they have any evidence that an ICO is being conducted in a fraudulent or deceptive way. They could also take legal action against fraudulent and deceptive issuers. This will send ico scams into extinction and help the crypto industry. They generate content ideas at scale for companies such as Digital Marketing Agencies, who are constantly looking for fresh ways to engage their audience and keep them engaged throughout the day on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. A lot of ICO scams have taken place in the past few years.

 The best way to avoid this is by coupling a crypto-specific authority with a decentralized network. The cryptocurrency market has seen some ICO scams and regulatory mishaps, which have been a hot topic among the crypto community online. Because of these problems, people are looking for ways to prevent future ICO scams and regulatory mishaps. One way is through the use of crypto-specific authorities that are coupled with a decentralized blockchain network. Due to the lack of regulation and barriers, it has become easier for people to invest in initial coin offerings (ICOs) but it also comes with the risk.

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