Graco Snugrider Infant Seat Carrier – An Excellent Stroller Option for Cesarean Section Mothers

My friend and his wife had their baby last month. They are both new parents and very excited. My friend worried that their son had become too dependent on his wife after he was born by caesarean. My friend’s wife isn’t allowed to lift any heavy objects. The brand new Peg Perego stroller he received from his inlaws is great, but too heavy for him to maneuver. Also, umbrella strollers aren’t suitable for infant car seats.

I was researching the latest strollers when I came across the SnugRider Infant carrier by Graco. His wife was able to lift the stroller and place her infant car seat in the carrier. She could then take long walks and run errands. My seven-year-old daughter would exclaim, “Another emergency solved!”

The SnugRider is lightweight at 12 pounds. This stroller was designed to reduce the bulk and excess weight that comes with regular strollers. The SnugRider only carries infant car seat. It carries the Graco SnugRide as well as the Graco Infant SafeSeat.

You can quickly and easily transfer your child from the car to the stroller with ease using the SnugRider stroller. The SnugRider stroller can be used by new mothers who are unable to lift heavy objects or who do not want to move housebound.

This is how it works: Take the folded SnugRider from your car. The stroller is compact and easy to transport. Once the stroller has been unpacked, you can fold the SnugRider so that you can place the infant seat in the carrier. Your baby will be safe and secure with three places for the seat to keep them in place. The stroller folds easily for easy transport and storage.


Simple fold

Compact form factor


Extra large mesh storage basket

Highly maneuverable

Adjustable height handles

2 cup holders


The stroller can be easily lifted and carried by parents.

The SnugRider is easy to transport and store

Parents can transfer their child in an infant car seat to and fro the SnugRider stroller easily without disturbing their child.

The large storage basket can be used by parents to store diaper bags, purses, and/or groceries.

Mothers can leave the house and go on errands, the best stroller for twins or just to get some fresh air.

The SnugRider stroller can be easily maneuvered by parents.

Who is using the SnugRider

Mothers who are new to the world will need a stroller that can carry infant car seats

Mothers who have had a cesarean, or new mothers, will need an infant car carrier that weighs less then thirteen pounds.

Parents with strollers or umbrellas for their children can’t use infant seats.

What works well?

Transportable and easy to fold

Attach the infant car seat to the stroller frame

Strolling is a great way to move around.

What isn’t working well?

Reviewers of the SnugRider stroller have suggested that the storage basket could possibly be larger

A handlebar-mounted storage pouch could be useful for the stroller.

Parents reported that cup holders could have been larger to hold different sizes of water bottles.

The Graco infant car seat carrier would look great if it could be used with a variety of infant car seats, not just Graco infant carseats.

The SnugRider: Why should you buy it?

If you have an existing stroller or umbrella stroller that does not accommodate infant car seats, this stroller is for you.

This stroller is recommended if your wife or you (I hope dads are reading this review too) have weight (lifting) restrictions and cannot use a full-size stroller.

Why not buy the SnugRiger

The SnugRider stroller is put in storage when your child outgrows their infant car seat.

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