Pregnant women go the extra mile to avoid Zika

When it comes to health we have many reasons to pay attention. We have learned, I might add “finally”, that early detection can make a huge difference. Below you will find some of what’s happening in the health field that is health news to consider. Zika is no joking matter. The article mentioned below points this out in huge fashion. Additionally to discover that mental health cases are increasing world-wide should be something we are paying attention to, don’t you think? What is causing it? And how do we fix it? And related to mental illness is drug addiction. Throw in the resounding news that our attention spans are now a whole 8 seconds, not quite as long as a goldfish, worries me. How about you? Here are the little tidbits mentioned above:

Pregnant women go the extra mile to avoid Zikatiger-mosquito-49141_640
By Alex Harris Tribune News Service MIAMI — There’s a lipstick stain on Sloane Borr’s beekeeper hat where her husband kissed her during their pregnancy announcement photo shoot. The Borrs took their picture outside in a traditional pose, with the 29-year-old woman leaning against a palm tree, her smiling husband’s hand resting on her rounded stomach. But that’s where tradition ends. Borr is wearing a white, full-body hazmat suit, complete with a hood, a wide-brimm…
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Mental Health Cases Are Rising In Number All Over The World
Mental health cases are on the rise across the world, raising a slew of concerns on the factors that trigger it, and prompting discussions on the stigma associated with mental disorders. In the United Kingdom, Business in the Community (BITC) reports that mental health is still very much enclosed in a culture of silence and shame in British workplaces. In a survey of 20,000 people, three out of four said they had experienced indications of poor mental health at one point in their lives, the Gua…
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Two dead in six separate Anoka County heroin overdose cases Saturday
A wave of heroin overdoses in just a 12-hour period Saturday in or near Anoka County left two people dead and four others taken to hospitals, one of them in critical condition. Citing an “alarming number of overdose cases to happen so close together” in time and place, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that investigators are speculating that the overdoses could potentially be tied to the same single source of the drug. Five of the six people who overdosed S…
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Greed is a terrible thing. I mean, so it’s not bad enough the jerk providing the drug is making a freaking ton of tax free cash by not working and being a dreg of society, but he has to be greedy about it and cut it or make it out of the wrong stuff to make extra bucks? I mean, where is the integrity!? The honor among thieves? It’s all part of a downward spiral I think indicates that something has to give. Anyone thinking the end is near? Better get right. I’m not typically doom and gloom, as you know, but I’m just saying. I believe we will be soon meeting the Maker. These are birth pains, don’t you think? Mental illness, addiction, greed, illness and war. As the saying goes, what’s this world coming to? Happy Tuesday everyone.

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