Food news ranges from new cookbooks and cooking shows to restaurants, chefs and cooking implements as well. As you can see cooking news or news related to food can be discussed endlessly. It also entails ways to grow food so gardening, gardening shows, hybrids, and ways to decorate food like cakes, cookies and cupcakes. And then there are the celebrities in all these niches.

It will take effort to keep up with everything that’s happening. I mean, barbeque is a world unto itself, cooking outside, and survival type skills like making ovens, drying foods, canning and the like. I am partial to apple butter, but there is jelly making and candy making to consider. And for every interest and hobby there are new and neat tools to discuss as well as reviews and ways to improve upon them.

And although this is not news on homesteading per se, eggs are food, and so chickens might come up. And ways to smoke your meats or knife skills, the latest in kitchen appliances, you see the topic is vast. So, when it comes to news related to food and cooking this should be your go to place. Come back over and over again or you won’t be able to keep up. Food news you can use (er and eat!)